Sailmon Systems

SAILMON Model | E4

A Sailing Processor
Designed as a replacement to processors on existing systems, as an addition to any system looking to upgrade or as a processor for use with Sailmon Model | X and Model | V11 displays

It's your choice

- Use the E4 to replace/update an existing or broken processor
- Add the E4 processor to any system to improve the functionality, accuracy and performance
- Add the E4 processor and new Sailmon displays

Add the E4 to your system and still use existing displays from other manufacturers or add new displays from other manufacturers

Bring your existing Instrument System into the 21st century with

Screen | View

Use any device as a display
Use any smart device or computer into a Sailmon display, fully configurable just like our high performance marine displays

Future Proof
Connect to existing displays and instruments or add new displays from other manufacturers

Multiple inputs in the Model | E4 allow you to connect existing sensors or add new ones and so increase the life of your instruments system

Nav | Desk

Controls your Instrument System

NAV | Desk is the dedicated interface used for set up, operation, control, calibration and system updating. For advanced users there are functions and features that allow interfaces such as Expedition and inputs (Polars, 3D Wind calibration etc.) to the system that will help maximize the performance of your system and your yacht. Available for iOS, Android or PC devices

Crew | View

Enjoy your sailing, wherever you are

The Crew | View App is just one of the apps that will put your sailing highlights in one place to view share and enjoy. On and off the boat.

Other SAILMON Products available to support the System

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MODEL-E4 web700.png MODEL E4 with various displays web300.png E4 Any Instrument web.png Nav-Desk 1.png CrewView in Hand web700.png 3 x Sailmon MM104's on SY Foggy Sailmon-2p-black.jpg Model X web300_1.png