racegeek d10 Tactical Racing Instrument

Designed for the Sportsboat and OD market, the d10 combines a mast mounted display with large bright numbers and a tactical racing computer. The display not only shows the sailors the information they need when they need to see it, it also collects and seamlessly uploads racing metrics to the cloud for post race analysis and improved performance.

MarineNav Monitors for all Marine Applications

MarineNav is a custom marine electronics design and manufacturing business specialising in navigation, multimedia, vessel monitoring and fleet management systems for the commercial, hydrographic and leisure marine markets. MarineNav’s Mariner, BridgeView and CG Elite monitors are installed on thousands of vessels around the world. Established in 2005, MarineNav Ltd. has a proven track record of quality, service and reliability.

SAILMON Instrument Systems

- the future of Instrument Systems for the Discerning Yachtsman

Install OUR
NEW MODEL | E4 Sailing Processor to

Replace an existing processor to extend the life of your complete system

Add to any existing system to add functionality, accuracy and performance

Take advantage of Sailmon’s world class Model X or Model V11 displays

All solutions offer access to Sailmon Nav | Desk and Crew | View Apps and accessories

MarineNav Marine PC's

Chosen by system integrators throughout the world, MarineNav’s Leviathan and X-1 ranges of standard and custom designed Rack and Chassis mounted Marine PC’s are designed for commercial, industrial, hydrographic, scientific and leisure applications.
All MarineNav Marine PC’s feature the latest in multi-layer vibration dampening and anti-shock technology and conform to MarineNav’s rigid ISO control system.
From full powered media servers to super-compact basis systems, MarineNav is sure to have what you are looking for.

Guide IR510 and IR517 Handheld Thermal Imagers

Guide’s range of high quality feature packed Handheld Thermal Imagers

DNV-Elit Digital Day/ Night Vision Binoculars

Long Range Digital Day/Night Vision Binoculars with IR Illuminators for use as a long-range detection, navigation assistance, covert surveillance and security device at sea or on land.