Guide IR510

Product Data Sheet

The Guide IR510 is an easy to use, rugged but lightweight handheld Thermal Imager delivering a crisp well defined image for marine, outdoor, hunting and security applications.  The IR510 has exceptional battery life for a product in this category and comes in 2 variants:

  • The IR510P with a 19mm fixed focus lens and

  • The IR510X with a 25mm manual focus lens

Having a Thermal Imager on board makes boating so much safer day or night. The Guide IR510 enables you to detect potential shipping and navigation hazards that can easily be missed. So whether you are:

  • Looking out for a navigation aid or floating debris,
  • Searching for a MOB (Man Over Board,)
  • Trying to determine the intentions of another vessel or
  • Entering a harbour or mooring that you are unfamiliar with, 

having the IR510 Thermal Imager is a major advantage to a sailor.

Thermal imaging is the only technology capable of “seeing” in total darkness and in daylight. As a lifesaving tool in a MOB situation, it is the ideal solution for assisting in the location and recovery of a crew member or an animal. The Guide
IR510 has a “hotspot” tracking feature that will first help locate and then keep “eyes on” any person in the water whilst preparing to recover the person on board