DNV-Elit Digital Day/Night Vision Binocular

Now available to supersede the SM-3DB binoculars, the DNV-Elit is the latest version of our range of rugged, aluminium alloy digital day/night vision binoculars. Designed specifically for long-range detection, navigation assistance, covert surveillance and security at sea or on land, the DNV-Elit uses CCD technology which enables use day or night without damage to the camera. Used in daylight the device provides crisp colour pictures and using the auto day/night mode, automatically changes to black and white in low light

The DNV-Elit is available with a choice of 4 different magnifications:

  • DNV-Elit 8x
  • DNV-Elit 11x
  • DNV-Elit 1-12x vario
  • DNV-Elit 17x

The DNV-Elit has a built-in video recorder, an 8MB SD/microSD card (expandable up to 32 Gb) and Wi-Fi video transmitter. Video can be stored on the SD card or streamed to a 3rd party device using the Wi-Fi module and compatible apps (iOS and Android)

The sensitivity is comparable with gen.2+ night vision devices; the day/night mode switches automatically. Soft rubber eye protectors enable long and continuous comfortable operation as well as covert observation.

All DNV-Elit models are supplied with IR Illuminators as standard

A version fitted with menu, digital compass, range finder and laser aimer is available by request.


See Technical Information below

Click eurotask to go to our YouTube channel and see the SM-3DB Pro in action.

Features include:

  • Excellent pictures in most weather conditions

    • See through snow and light fog
    • See through glass
    • 8x, 11x, 1-12x variable magnification or 17x 
    • Large, 2.5" 960 × 240 Hi res TFT-LCD Monitor
    • IR Illuminator for use in very low light levels
    • State-of-the-art image processing algorithms
  • Excellent Power Management

    • Typically up to 4 hours continuous use (without video)
    • Battery charging via mains or car adaptors (included)
  • Other features

    • Standard Video output to a remote DVR
    • Tireless viewing with both eyes
    • No damage from bright sunlight
  • Technology

    • The binocular uses a silicon high sensitive state of the art CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera with an electronic accumulation & signal multiplication system & built-in high resolution TFT-LCD monitor. Using a four-stage automatic control & an anti-blooming system, the DNV-Elit range operates successfully in a wide range of lighting conditions from 0.0005 lux (starlight) to 30,000 lux (sunny day,) without having to adjust contrast or brightness.

N.B. Range will vary dependent on the user, light, contrast, environmental conditions and set up.